What Size of Implant Should I Choose?

You have made your way to one of the most significant challenges and decisions you will encounter when choosing breast implant surgery in Mexico — the size of the implant.

Breast implant surgeons in Mexico want to help you attain this answer in confidence as it is equally important to your surgeon that your results appear naturally proportionate to the rest of their body.

Your surgeon will determine the width of your breasts and the distance between your breasts, and key factors such as skin laxity and symmetry. You should discuss with your surgeon what type of physical activities you wish to pursue after surgery, what positions you sleep in most comfortably, how size can affect the clothing you wear, and if the size will be desirable 10 years from now; all of these questions can have an effect on the size of the implant you choose.

Understanding Breast Volume Control

Breast implant size is measured in cubic centimeters (cc’s). It is important for women to understand that breast implant sizes do not correspond to bra cup sizes.

Becoming familiar with not only the types of breast implants and the shapes of breast implants, but also the different sizes will ensure that you and your breast implant surgeon in Mexico are on the same page. Implants generally range from 200cc to 700cc, depending on the amount of silicone or saline present in the implant.

The higher the number of cc’s denotes how large the implant is. For example, if your surgeon indicates that a patient may wish to use a 550cc implant, this means that is near the larger end of the scale. If a patient is seeking a restrained enhancement, your expert breast surgeon in Mexico may indicate that an implant consist of a range between 200-300cc.

The higher the number of cc’s also denotes the higher an implant weighs. For example, a 250cc implant weighs nearly half a pound while a 500cc implant doubles in weight.

Finding the Right Breast Implant

Profile and Projection refer to how far the implants protrude from the chest or how narrowed the implants appear when viewed from the side.

Height refers to how tall the implant appears when viewed in the mirror. The height may indicate an elongated oval or a circular shape.

Width or Diameter refers to the width of the implant at its widest point when measured across along with the height measurement.

Choosing the right size of breast implant can play a key role in working together with your body’s muscle, skin, and connective tissue; ultimately the framework for your implant. The ideal breast implant size varies from one patient to the next. Your body shape, aesthetic preferences, and lifestyle all factor in to the equation. Your breast surgeon in Mexico is your best resource for determing the best type and size of implant, along with the correct incision technique and placement of your breast implant.

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