What Breast Implant Shape is Best for my Body?

When choosing an implant that is going to give you the most natural look after breast implant surgery, the shape of the implant is an preference that should be comprehensively discussed with your breast implant surgeon in Mexico.

The decision on implant shape is also based on individual factors such as body size and shape, skin quality and overall desire and the type of breast implant placement employed. Let’s explore what breast implants shapes are available to you.

Round Breast Implants

Round Implants are circular, meaning that they provide similar degrees of projection on the upper and lower parts of the breasts. The round-shaped implant is a traditional soft, smooth breast implant design and continues to be an overwhelming choice for women undergoing breast enhancement.

Round breast implants showcase of wide range of diameters and degrees of projection and ultimately provide great flexibility to the breast implant surgeon.

Contoured Breast Implants

Contoured Implants mimic a wider shape at the bottom that rises to slimmer profile at the top, forming a firmer teardrop shape. Contoured implants must have a textured surface to prevent the implant from rotating. The textured surface creates an adherence between the implant and your breast tissues, enabling the implant to stay in place.

These implants are available in wide variety of heights, widths and outward projections. Teardrop breast implants are only available in saline type of breast implants.

Contoured breast implants are progressively used for use in women who were having breast cancer reconstruction following a mastectomy.


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