Where will my Breast Implant be Placed?

Once you and your surgeon have chosen the most suitable incision for breast implant surgery, the next key in achieving your desired breast appearance is where to place the breast implants in relation to your breast tissue and chest muscles.

Each breast implant placement type has benefits that may be most suitable for you. It is imperative for you to discuss your desired effects with your dedicated breast surgeon in Mexico, who will help you determine your soft tissue thickness and advise you on the right choices for your breast implant surgery.

Sub-Glandular Breast Implant Placement (Over)

Sub-Glandular Placement locates the breast implant underneath the mammary gland but over the pectoral muscle. This placement may help reduce your surgery and recovery time. Implants that are sub-glandular may be easier to see and feel through your skin.

Subglandular implants can create cleavage more easily than other implants, especially if the breasts are naturally far apart to begin with.

Partial Submuscular Breast Implant Placement (Dual Plan)

Partial Submuscular Placement locates the breast implant behind the breast tissue and partially under the pectoral and other chest muscles. During the procedure, the lowest part of the pectoralis major muscle is cut to ensure that the upper part of the implant sits deeply beneath the muscle, and the lower part sits beneath the breast.

The pectoralis major is a long, wide, triangular-shaped muscle that begins along the entire breastbone and the ribs at the base of the breast and inserts into the humerus at the upper arm.

Sub-Muscular Breast Implant Placement (Under)

Sub-Muscular Placement locates the breast implant partially or wholly under the pectoralis major chest muscle. Sub-muscular placement may reduce the risk of developing capsular contracture, as well as offer easier mammographic imaging of the breast.

Under-the-muscle breast implants tend to create a better and more attractive look for naturally small-breasted women. Since the implant is concealed underneath the pectoral muscle, flaws in the implant like ripples or the edges of the implant are hidden.

Subfacial Breast Implant Placement

Sub-Fascial Placement separates the fascia from the muscle and locates the implant below the fascia, and above the muscle. This placement technique is not widely used to date.

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